Children’s Big Questions. A First Communion programme for parents and children

A First Communion programme for parents and children

Andrea Lonardo – Maurizio Botta

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“What is the difference between man and ape?”
“Why is there a universe?”
“Can science explain everything?”
“Why did God choose one people?”
“Why did Jesus come among us?”

“Dear children, let me introduce myself. I am Father Maurizio,  a priest from Rome. For years I have taught scripture to children like yourselves and I have discovered how beautiful and deep your questions are, the things that fascinate you and the things  that arouse your curiosity the most.”

“Dear parents and catechists, my name is Don Andrea;  I am also a priest in Rome. When children find adults who help them understand that there are answers to their biggest questions, they are able to face life with courage  and the desire to grow is born in them.”


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